Session Technologies

To help machines cope with humans

Our mission is to minimise the friction between humans and machines, by simplifying and rationalising processes with technology. From the simplest, personal, daily tasks, like processing your email inbox, to the most articulated developments and deployments, Session Technologies delivers a wide range of services and solutions that help customers getting closer to technology. And the opposite too.

We ❤️ Open

Session Technologies is born and raised in open source communities; we consume, contribute, lead and advocate open source activities across different industries and technologies, on daily bases.

Every customer will be free to choose whether open sourcing their solutions and get a 20% discount; additionally, open source grants you access to many popular free services and save money on fixed costs.


Polyglot and distributed

Our team speaks many languages (English, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Hebrew, Catalan and more) and is distributed across Europe (Barcelona, Amsterdam, Rome, London, Lisbon and others).

Our Services

Choose the combination of packages that work for you

OSS green light

The ultimate validation consultancy package to consume and/or contribute to open source projects with peace of mind, from a technology, business and legal standpoint.


Designing, building and deploying smart chat bots that connect customers with your services in a more efficient and streamlined fashion.

Process automation

Analysing and decomposing customer's processes to identify opportunities for automation and improvements.

Responsive websites

We build beautiful websites, using static engines that ensure unparalleled speed and security, full customisation power and no-cost infrastructure.

Marketing operations

Implementing a wide range of marketing operations, such as email campaigns, social channels management, lead nurturing and reporting.

Ad-hoc solutions

Our team has extensive experience over a wide range of technologies and platforms; even if you can't find the package that is right for you, we'd be happy to help.

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