Session Technologies

Helping machines to deal with humans

In a globalizated and decentralized world, digital transformation is the key to emerge and succeed. Session Technologies brings experience and leadership in information technologies, allowing our customers to operate faster, smoother and with less human interaction, saving precious time that can be invested elsewhere.

5 steps to success

We are a small, efficient and distributed team of professionals, covering a wide set of technologies and platforms and delivering the best solutions for our customers problems.

With customers in United States, Spain, Italy and the Netherlends, Session Technologies provides an established approach to drive customer success: gather requirements, plan, implement, measure and train.


Our Services

Choose the combination of packages that work for you


Designing, building and deploying chat bots that your customers can use to interact

Open source green light

The ultimate validation to consume or contribute to open source projects with peace of mind

Process automation discovery

Analysing and decomposing customer's processes to identify opportunities for automation and improvements

Fast and secure websites

Designing and building static websites that are fast and secure, taking care of all aspects, from branding to coding

Marketing operations

Implementing marketing operations based on data-driven performance indicators; providing all training and support needed to integrate marketing automation efficiently

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